Are you stuck in your career? Are you at a crossroads? If so, our 3-Month Career Coaching Program could be what you need.
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3-Month Career Coaching Program

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Three Months to Clarify Your Brand >> Discover Your Strengths >> Tell Your Story >> Advance Your Career!

Are you stuck in your career? Are you at a crossroads and don’t know which road to take? Does your career strategy feels like a huge ball tied to your ankle, preventing you from moving forward?

90 Day Career Coaching Program The Wright Career Solution

The answer could be our 3-Month Career Coaching Program.

This invitation is for you if you:

  • have come to a dead-end in your career and need direction.
  • have lost motivation at work.
  • are stressed out and overwhelmed.
  • need to increase your confidence.
  • have a belief that is holding you back.
  • need to communicate with more impact.
  • need to step into a new role and/or position yourself to succeed.
  • Your career is stalled and you want clarity on who you are and what unique value you will bring to an employer or client.
  • You want to build deeper professional relationships.
  • You need to continue growing in your career.

This program is a customized plan. It spans 3 months, with regular check-ins to track progress. During this 3-month transformational program, expect that we will cover:

  • Assessment: Using the assessment and branding tool(s)
  • Vision: What is your vision for your career?
  • Mission: What contribution are you making or could be making, and to whom?
  • Values: What are your personal non-negotiable values that define how you work and advance your career
  • Edge: This is your Personal Brand – what talents and skills do you have that sets you apart from others?
  • Performance Metrics: What specific, measurable results that define success for your career?
  • Initiatives: What are the top three initiatives you need to do to advance your career and further develop your ‘edge’?
  • Professional Relationships: Which relationships are key to your professional and personal success?
  • Professional Development: Which assignments and next steps will challenge you and help you develop most effectively?

The program can be combined with one of our Branded Resume Packages.


It’s time you partner with a Certified Career Management & Leadership Coach who can point you in the “wright” direction.



What’s your investment, you ask? Give me a call, and we will discuss this! Just imagine how you could move your career forward within three months of our time together, and with lots of support.

I am on a mission to help professionals like you discover and build your leadership capabilities. If you have goals for your career or personal development, then we need to talk.

It’s time you discover and live out your purpose.

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At The Wright Career Solution, we help you achieve your career goals. Contact us for details about this 3-month career coaching program.

If you believe you would benefit more from working with us on a one-on-one basis, we will be happy to assist you.

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